The Griffins—a paranormal strike force—receive a distress call from a classified Moon base in 2114. Upon arrival they find the facility overrun by Werewolves!

A story like Matthew Reilly’s Hell Island if it was set on the Moon, where elite soldiers battle monsters in a clandestine facility, isolated from the world . . .

The Griffins face certain doom . . . composed of hasty replacements after heavy losses, they must battle not only werewolves—permanently transfigured by the lunar surface—but shadowy organisations vying to change the course of humanity.

Discovering world shattering secrets, can the Griffins save their comrades and stop the outbreak from reaching the nearby colonies before it’s too late?

Find out by buying Werewolves In Space, the first novella in The Science Myth Saga!

You can’t outlast them and you can’t outrun them. Your only option is to hide . . . or die . . .


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