What makes you so special?

Maelar Brood lived his whole life waiting to be The Chosen of The Draeborn, of Abaleigh, his love.

The Chosen would receive gifts to defend the Draeborn so her magic can sustain the prosperity of the valley nation of Vavul. Maelar is passed over for another, and must wrangle with the emptiness of life without validation or purpose. He struggles to be ready to face down the threats to the Draeborn without her gifts while the Chosen does not.

When a threat arises from neighbouring Ound and an old terror returns with abilities to counter the Chosen, Maelar finds he is the only one prepared to face the challenge. He must brave untrusting allies and misunderstood enemies as he crosses the Tribes of Ound to save his Draeborn.

A medieval and tribal fantasy set in a dwindling colony of a deposed power from across the sea, about finding self worth, reconciliation and seeing your enemies for the people they really are.