Enter a land of bantering adventurers, impractical gadgets, outrageous abilities and chilling mysteries. A place of mercenaries, bounty hunters and assassins who face off against each other on competing quests as they dodge slimy monsters and do-gooder heroes.

Fall in love with dashing characters as they struggle to hold their ground against the world’s injustices and find family in the unlikeliest of places.

A Steampunk Fantasy Adventure series that will reach cosmic proportions!

The Symbicate: A Roaring, Whimsical Adventure

The Symbicate is the most feared criminal organisation in the land, and now it’s dying. Rival crime rings, dashing heroes, and scorned freedom fighters close in alongside scores of the world’s deadliest bounty hunters, assassins, and hit men—all flocking to one city to compete for the payday of a lifetime.

Three young adventurers find themselves embroiled in the deadly plot: a Hired Hero out for revenge, a reluctant assassin just trying to survive, and a do-gooder viscount on a quest to save his uncle. Our three hapless heroes are unaware of how intertwined their destinies will be, and strive to complete their quests, even if it means giving up everything they once believed in.

This is a world where the moon is shattered, and the land is inhabited by symbioids—sinewy life-forms that can weave with gadgets or hosts to grant unique abilities. But treachery and mystery abound beneath the surface, and things are never as they seem.



First they shattered the moon. Now they’re here for the world.

When the members of the Symbicate—a collection of skilled agents taking on the mantle of a dying crime ring—are faced with a futuristic new threat, they’ll have to join forces with their enemies to save their cities from annihilation.

This is a steampunk world, where the moon has been fractured, and symbioids rule—sinewy, living tissue that weaves with gadgets and hosts, resulting in heightened, unique abilities. Hired Heroes, scorned freedom fighters, and assassins team up when a “rainbow comet” appears in the sky and rains destruction.

But even the symbioid-woven young heroes fear they have finally met their match against a force determined to finish what it started with the moon…


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