Humanity is thriving, taking their first steps as an inter planetary species, but it has always had to contend with the supernatural beasts of legend.

This series is a Sci Fi Action horror of eBook Novellas, where humanity’s best operatives are pitted against myths and monsters while clandestine organisations vie for power behind the scenes . . . Tread wearily, you might find that the greatest monsters dwell within.

Werewolves IN SPACE

You can’t outlast them and you can’t outrun them. Your only option is to hide, or die.

Research Base Sigma is a clandestine facility on the Moon’s surface, and it just sent out a distress signal. In response, the United Globe Government sends in the Griffins—a counter paranormal strike force—to neutralise the base and secure its secrets.

Kieran Ahmad is a respected member of the Griffins, fast tracked into their service after an incident with a cursed creature when he was a boy. His squad suffered heavy losses in previous missions, and is made up of hasty replacements. But they must charge into the unknown yet again. What they find on the desolate surface of the Moon is a sabotaged facility, contested by powerful shadow organisations and running rampant with vicious beasts.

In the face of overwhelming odds and the unveiling of world shattering secrets, can Kieran face the horrors of his youth, save his team, and stop the outbreak from spreading to the nearby colonies before it’s too late?

Werewolves In Space is the first instalment of The Science Myth Saga, a series of Novellas that follow humanity’s struggles against the arcane in the Space Age. It’s a bloody, Sci-Fi Action Horror that will leave you looking over your shoulder while cheering for the indomitable nature of the human spirit.


Dragon Roost On The Orbital Spire

On a Spire reaching high into orbit, scientists have gathered to witness the passing of a comet. But when the celestial ball of fire suddenly turns straight toward those on the platform, it’s clear: This isn’t a comet. At all…

Captain Breannon Voeden, a former combat pilot, has just delivered her wealthy client to the Spire—a nexus for interorbital travel in the low reaches of space. Bree soon senses trouble brewing, however, as rumours abound of missing children, murders, and assaults on those who live on the Spire. And when she joins her scientist client on the Top Deck to witness the spectacle of the coming comet, she is stunned to find a titanic Dragon flying toward them instead. A Dragon that destroys the Top Deck and makes a twisted metal nest…

Multiple factions want the Dragon’s hoard and they will destroy everything to get their hands on it. Driven by a common bond, Bree takes on the Dragon’s enemies. But she’ll face world-shattering secrets, the trauma of her past, and demonic creatures—not to mention the chaos caused by the Dragon—in this spellbinding second instalment of The Science Myth Saga.


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