Humanity is thriving, taking their first steps as an inter planetary species, but it has always had to contend with the supernatural beasts of legend.

This series is a Sci Fi Action horror of eBook Novellas, where humanity’s best operatives are pitted against myths and monsters while clandestine organisations vie for power behind the scenes . . . Tread wearily, you might find that the greatest monsters dwell within.

Werewolves IN SPACE

The Griffins—a paranormal strike force—receive a distress call from a classified Moon base in 2114. Upon arrival they find the facility overrun by Werewolves!

A story like Matthew Reilly’s Hell Island if it was set on the Moon, where elite soldiers battle monsters in a clandestine facility, isolated from the world . . .

You can’t outlast them and you can’t outrun them. Your only option is to hide, or die.



Dragon Roost On The Orbital Spire

Scientists gather to witness a passing comet upon the Orbital Spire, but they quickly realise, it isn’t a comet . . . at all . . .

It’s like Die Hard and a monster flick converged on a space station . . .



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