Book 2 of the Whim-Dark Tales

The Daughter Of Darkness

As darkness falls, the hunters become the prey

A group of heroes set out to kill a dragon, but encounter something more sinister, a woman covered in blood, fleeing unspeakable horrors.

If Predator was a Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy, where an unstoppable monster hunts a party of heroes through the wilderness.

The necromancers are dead, but in their absence a new evil spreads . . .

Prahtan—an orc huntress—leads her band on a routine monster hunt, but quickly realises they are out of their depth. One by one, they are preyed upon by an insidious creature that delights in torment and feeds on magic, and their only hope may lie in the true identity of the mysterious woman.

If they can’t stop the sadistic predator, the whole world may be doomed to torment and Hell-Fire.

Can Prahtan trust this strange woman, keep her party alive, and stop the creature from claiming its prize?

Find out by buying The Daughter Of Darkness, the second novella of the Whim-Dark Tales!


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