More shall come . . .

Solar Rain

As one world burns, can a man stop his own from slipping away?

The world is ending, but life goes on.

It is the 2200’s and the sun has turned against the Earth, ravaging it with deadly solar flares that the people have named “Solar Rain”. Unable to find a solution to their plight, humanity flees across the stars in waves of colony ships.

Captain Jaysid Moors is a security officer overseeing humanity’s long departure over decades. A simple enough task if not for the constant Solar Rain and the emergence of a fanatical insurgency, intent on making sure Earth is the final resting place for the human race.

Jaysid’s greatest fear is becoming separated from his family across the mind boggling reality of space travel. But as he fights harder to defend the passage of the ones he loves, his fears may end up becoming a reality.

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