Book 1 of the Whim-Dark Tales

As the world is torn apart by The War of the Damned, can one good necromancer turn the tide for the living?

A tale reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons, infused with a captivating blend of whimsy and darkness.

Gazlan quests to save ensnared souls and stop the necromancers from killing the world in their devastating war.

But he can’t do it alone . . .

He assembles an unlikely group of allies: a druid who can puppeteer the dead, a paladin who relies on gadgets and brute force, and a disabled archer with a modified bow.

They all have a personal drive to stop the necromancers, and may turn on Gazlan at any moment for what he is, even as he comes to love them . . .

Can Gazlan earn the trust of his new allies—and his new love—while battling the Necromancing Warlords?

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The Whim-Dark Tales

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