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Word counts are rounded the the nearest 50 words, eclectic mix of moods and styles (some funny, some depressing, some scary, some hopeful – all of them awesome), mostly Fantasy and SciFi.

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Death Springs

“Do not stop moving” ignore this warning at your own peril. Fantasy – 700 words


A spy has to use his wits when his extraction plan goes awry. Thriller Comedy – 500 words

Space Wraiths

A salvage crew investigate a derelict vessel. Sci Fi Horror – 570 words

The Drought Drake and The Cloud Jumper

A professor and his gyrocopter track storms across the flood plains and discover a mythical beast. Fantasy – 1100 words

Mechanised Peace Keepers

Battle is unpredictable, but you’ll never expect what happens when you add robot soldiers into the mix. SciFi – 1150 words


Ever struggled with visiting the Doctor? This is that ten thousand years ago. Prehistoric Fantasy – 600 words

Hades Principe

When necromancy and science combine, a soldier’s duty carries on into the afterlife. Scifi/Mythology – 1600 words

Stone Breakers

Would you know real treasure if you found it? Fantasy – 700 words

Time Web Gambit

Would you risk the world to save a friend? Fantasy – 600 words

Rogue Underdog Union

Humans are bureaucratic space orks! SciFi – 900 words

The Hand of Death

Would you flee from one terror, if it took you straight into another? Fantasy/Horror – 500 words

Mortal Gods

I am not your god. SciFi – 1300 words


Do not go into the bog, do not allow the bog into you. Fantasy – 500 words

Heck Hath No Fury

Welcome to Heck,,, We thought hell was a little too extreme for you. (Sequel to A Crossroads in Limbo) Fantasy – 500 words

Just One More

How much more could a mere mortal endure? Fantasy – 500 words

Thine Own Gold

Can you carry the cost? Fantasy – 500 words

The Gardener and the Tea Mage

We all need friends. Fantasy – 500 words

The Guardian in the Dark

Do not fear the dark, fear the shadow. Fantasy – 950 words

Call of the Wasteland

In the wake of nuclear devastation, a fallout shelter guard is tormented by a vengeful spirit. Sci Fi Horror – 750 words


A monster hunter sets out in search of a band of goblins who have been kidnapping children. Thriller – 700 words

Mirror Knight

Only those with a pure soul can defeat the Mirror Knight and gain access to the treasures he defends. Fantasy – 950 words


A short horror about mimics – less than 500 words


With all the power in the world, you may do all but one thing. Fantasy – 600 words

A Few Short Words

Some Galactic surveys claim people find public speaking more terrifying than a planetary invasion . . . SciFi – 550 words

The Phantom Snatchers

When you see their breath, prepare for death. Horror – 550 words

The March Eternal

Join the army, see the world, fight yourself? Fantasy – 850 words

Heart Throb

A grimdark comedy about love and death. Scifi/Fantasy – < 500 words

False Dawn

If you can find the light in the darkness, run. Fantasy – 550 words

Celestial Architect

Life is worth dying for. SciFi – 500 words

Non Entity

To be an enslaved celestial. Surreal Fantasy/SciFi – 1100 words

Because You’re a Robot

Can robots feel love? No. Will they let that stop them? Also no. SciFi – 1600 words

The Mountain Spirit

There will always be a challenge. Fantasy – 950 words

Fog and Mirrors

There is no winning this game. SciFi – 1200 words

The Wrong Button

Could you tell your lover from a clone? SciFi – 1200 words

Man on a Mountain

Being trapped in the alien wilderness isn’t good for your sanity. SciFi Thriller – 1200 words

Gifts of the Wounded

What doesn’t kill you might not make you stronger. SciFi – 700 words

The Deep Fear

You may face your fears, but they aren’t the real danger. SciFi – 650 words

Daughter Of Time

Time catches up with us all. Fantasy – 650 words

Duel of the Gun Wizards

In a magical fight to the death, the simplest solution is often the best. Fantasy/Wild West – 500 words

Clash of the Primal Gods

Caught between two feuding tribes, something else approached from the jungle, something . . . big. Fantasy – 600 words


High above the world, you must know thy self. SciFi Fantasy Thriller – 3000 words

Spectre Blue

When its eyes turn blue, your time is due. Horror – 500 words

Bandit Blunder

When things go so wrong for a magical bandit that they come full circle and end up working out. Wild West Fantasy – 750 words

Ghost Tour

We wanted a ghost tour, we should have been careful what we wished for . . . Horror – < 500 words

Planet Fall

No matter how you fight them, they are simply too stupid to beat. SciFi – 850 words

The Unluckiest Man in the World

Misfortune disfavours the unprepared…? SciFi – 1900 words

Storm in a Teacup

Human crewmates can be unpredictable. SciFi – 900 words

The Rejects

Our disadvantage IS our advantage. SciFI – 1500 words

Handle With Care

You’re safe now, the monsters are dead. SciFi – 1300 words

Burrow Run

Don’t look up… Dystopian SciFi Fantasy – 3700 words

First Contact’s True Horror

The true horrors of intelligent life or worse than you can imagine – SciFi – 950 words

The Nemesis Vault

Who is your true enemy? SciFi – 1400 words

A Crossroads in Limbo

Think on your failings, but do not despair on them. Fantasy – 1100 words

The Bear and the Bull

The market is irrational, and so are you, sir. Spoken myth… but not really – 450 words

The Heart of a Monster

You can take a man’s heart, but not his love. Fantasy – 1000 words

The Sculptor and the Clay Mage

No shortcuts. Fantasy – 500 words

Witch Doctor

When time is of the essence, double check your needs. Fantasy – 350 words

Ghost Stream

When you go into the abyss, something else comes back . . . Sci Fi Horror – 1200 words

The Last Aquarium

Who watches the watchers? Sci Fi – 650 words

The Cain Paradox

Selfish desires will lead to one thing . . . Teamwork? Military Horror – 1000 words

The Price Of Witchcraft

Can you pay the price? Do you even know what it is? Fantasy/Dark humour – 480 words

The Witch Dose

When buying potions from witches, always check for instructions . . . Fantasy – 900 words

Demon Strike

Hell on Earth is bad for human and demon alike. Fantasy – 750 words

The Colour of a Soul

Seek and you shall find, so beware what you seek. Paranormal/Horror – 550 words

Little ‘g’

How can one defy the gods? Modern Mythology – 1400 words

Curse Hacker

To beat a curse you must use wit… and another curse. Fantasy – 1100 words

Reed Wraith

Even the dead won’t cope with war. Future Fantasy/Bleak – 1900 words

The Hammer on the Bridge

Corporate and Evil Leagues don’t mix well. SciFi – 1800 words

Through the Thorns

Your mind plays tricks on you, don’t believe it. SciFi, Psychological – 950 words


The greatest predator imaginable. Prehistoric fantasy – 1300 words

Reaper of Hearts

Guard your heart, or lose your mind. Fantasy – 1300 words


If you hear him, he already knows where you are. Fantasy Horror – 550 words

The Void Lance

Build your weapon, fight the monster, protect your family. SciFi – 1450 words

Solace on Desolate Hill

The lights may be dimmed, but they still shine. Hopeful dystopia – 500 words

Daemos Ex Machina

Technology will help, but only if you choose to battle evil. Scifi/Paranormal – 800 words

The Dragon Fighter and the Absent King

What can one do when leaders abandon their post? Fantasy/Not even a disguised allegory for the 2019/2020 Bush Fires – 500 words