Scientists gather to witness a passing comet upon the Orbital Spire, but they quickly realise, it isn’t a comet . . . at all . . .

It’s like Die Hard and a monster flick converged on a space station . . .

Bree—an ex combat pilot—ferries her wealthy client to witness the phenomenon, but finds the Spire is fraught with dread . . . discovering chilling stories of disturbances and missing children.

When the comet reveals itself to be a migrating Dragon, intent on making the Spire its new roost, Bree finds herself trapped above the world. She is beset by shadowy organisations and demonic creatures who contend for the Dragon’s hoard.

Haunted by her past, can Bree save the survivors—including her client—while battling gunmen, monsters, and the dreaded Dragon?

Find out by buying Dragon Roost On The Orbital Spire, the second novella in The Science Myth Saga!

Watch the sky . . . prepare to die . . .


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