Witch Doctor

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

Carlette squinted through the rushing winds as she tore through the woods on her broomstick, glancing over her shoulder to make sure her passenger was still holding on.

Herrenya stared back at her impassively, his bone jewellery clattering in the winds as they sped past snagging branches at break neck speeds . . . one of those had snagged Carlette’s hat earlier, she would need to get a new one . . . but that was a matter for after she saved her matriarch.

An eerie glow loomed in the distance, a little cottage lit orange from within, situated in the depths of the Witch Woods. Carlette bit her lip and egged on her broom to carry them faster, she hoped she was not too late.

Witch, broom, and passenger swung into the little clearing. Carlette dropped the broom, grabbing Herrenya’s hand and speeding him into the little cottage. Within a cauldron bubbled, pulsing with wicked magic, and three other witches tended to an old woman in a cot on the far side.

“I bought the Witch Doctor!” Carlette pushed through the other witches and gestured to her matriarch, “Fix her and I will undo the curse I cast over your village.”

Herrenya glanced at the matriarch, a sly smirk spreading across his face—the first emotion he had shown since Carlette had met him.

“Well?” One of the other witches insisted, “Do you want me to turn you into a toad?”

Herrenya rasped a laugh, shaking his head and jangling his bone jewellery with the motion.

“You . . . idiot.” The matriarch rasped, her voice a croaky wheeze.

“What is it mother?” Carlette sped to the matriarch’s side and took her hand. “Tell me and I will make it right!”

“It’s too late, you fool . . . I told you time was against me, and now it’s too late . . .”

Herrenya’s laugh grew louder, rising over the bubbling of the cauldron.

“I told you I needed a witch doctor. This is a Witch Doctor!” The matriarch rasped, and drew her last breath.

“What?” Carlette blanched.

But it was too late, the matriarch was dead, and Herrenya’s laughter-accompanied by rattling bones-was the last thing she heard.

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