The Symbicate Series IS ON SALE

The Symbicate eBook series is ON SALE!!!

Here’s what happening . . .

This mean’s you have a chance to buy The Symbicate 1 for more than half off, the Symbicate 2 for half off, and the Symbicate 3 for almost half off!


You have until Wednesday the 18th Of October at 9AM AEST, so don’t delay or you’ll miss out, as time is running out!

Grab Book one here:

Book 2:

Book 3:

Step into a world of deadly games, where assassins and mercenaries vie for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Symbicate Series offers a captivating blend of steampunk-inspired sci-fi, where the shattered Moon looms large, and Symbioids bestow extraordinary powers upon people and gadgets.

If you’re seeking an enthralling tale that marries the whimsy of The Princess Bride with the dry wit of Discworld, The Symbicate is your perfect adventure.

Read more about the series here:

And grab your copy quickly as time is running out!

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