The Symbicate 3 is LIVE!

A deadly assassin sails into the void with a crew of tenuous allies. They mean to hunt a common foe, but discover a monster of unfathomable proportions . . .

“Another beautifully constructed, action packed, humorous, thrilling ride.”


After joining forces with the Light Wizards to defeat Rella, Tara has left her world upon the Motebeam to hunt the true threat. But old wounds fester between her and the crew.

As they drift into the void they discover a titanic Beast—a planet killer—on its way to feed upon their worlds.

Will they learn to put aside their differences and stop the Beast from consuming their homes, or will they kill each other along with their other enemies?

Find out by buying The Symbicate 3 – The Beast in the Void today! A steampunk adventure with assassins, bounty hunters, gadgets, monsters and bantering heroes!

Haven’t read book 1 yet? Read a FREE 3 Chapter Sample!

Under a shattered Moon, a deadly challenge erupts as every assassin, bounty hunter and mercenary in the land competes for the payday of a lifetime.

If you like the sample, there is a link at the end to buy the rest of the book.

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Get book 2 here

First they shattered the moon, now they’re here for the world!

The underbelly is at war . . .

In the wake of the hunt for the ring leader, a New Symbicate is formed by unlikely heroes to fight the crime rings on their own turf. But the criminal world is uniting against them, led by a mysterious new figure.

You can get them all in ebook or paperback format from a range of online stores. Grab a book and enjoy a new read in an expanding series today!

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