The Symbicate 3 – RELEASE DATE!

Are you after a continuing, whimsical adventure? Do you enjoy daring deeds, bantering heroes and intricate gadgets? Want a story with crime rings, monsters and pirates? Betrayal, found family and the hero’s journey?

Then I have the series for you!

“The Symbicate 3 – The Beast In The Void” will be released on the 12th of September!

A deadly assassin sails into the void with a crew of tenuous allies. They mean to hunt a common foe, but discover a monster of unfathomable proportions . . .

The Superpowered Steampunk Assassin adventure continues!

You can preorder your copy HERE – paperbacks soon to follow

You can read a FREE three chapter sample here.

And you can read the full blurb here.

Haven’t read The Symbicate 1 yet?

Well I’ve got a special offer for you, usually I only share my free chapter samples with my mailing list. But to celebrate the soon release of my next book, I am offering you the chance to read the first three chapters of The Symbicate 1 RIGHT HERE!

When hired heroes, cunning assassins, and noble viscounts converge on one city, what could possibly go wrong? Join the action-packed chase for a bounty of a lifetime!

Imagine a bunch of superpowered, steampunk assassins all competing for the same mark! It’s got found family, underbelly crime rings, assassin dens, steampunk gadgets, slimy monsters, thugs, mercenaries, bounty hunters and bantering heroes! Read the rip roaring adventure today! MORE INFO

Buy The Symbicate right now! (Paperback options are limited to Amazon for the time being)

Buy The Symbicate 2 – Attack Of The Light Wizards right now!

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They Took The Moon, Now They’re Here For The World!

Preorder The Symbicate 3 – The Beast In The Void before the 12th of September!

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