Dragon Roost On The Orbital Spire – Pre Order

The countdown has begun!

DROTOS is set for release on the 1st of December and you can now pre order it!


Use the above link to browse from the available online stores and have DROTOS on your device of choice the day it comes out. It has already been described as “utterly fantastic” and I am sure you’ll agree once you read it.

In the build up to this you might have noticed some other changes around my site.

I have revamped the books tab, so now everything is much more streamlined and easier to navigate. (You can find a link to the first book in The Science Myth Saga – Werewolves In Space – through there.)

Thanks for checking out my books, and reading all of my stories over the years.

If you would like to see more from me and support my writing, consider leaving a review once you’ve read my books or sharing my stuff with your friends. Regardless, your reading of my stuff is its own reward and I hope you have been enjoying it.

Take care,


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