The Symbicate 2 – Attack Of The Light Wizards

My latest book is now live!

Prepare to continue the Roaring, Whimsical Adventure!

Super powered steampunk assassins, found family, will they won’t they romance, hired heroes, monsters . . . LIGHT WIZARDS . . . What more could you want?

Check it out on paperback and eBook HERE

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It’s finally time for me to release the long awaited Symbicate sequel to the world! In the wake of the defeat of the Ring Leader, our heroes form a New Symbicate in order to take down warring crime rings who are rushing in to fill the sudden power vacuum.

But their efforts are drawing attention, the feared Night Assassins are forming an alliance to take the New Symbicate on, relying on the powers of an untrustworthy foe.

Meanwhile, a danger approaches from the stars . . . something sinister, something singularly focused on vengeance against the moon rocked world . . .

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