Happy Halloween!

I compiled all of my spooky stories into one big list of terrifying tales, enjoy!

From monsters and aliens to witches and ghouls, we’ve got creepy ghost tales, demonic forays, psychological thrillers, and the terror of bleak dystopia. Some of these stories face the horror with an air of wit, others with woe, choose wisely (I have included descriptions, do not fear . . . if you can help it).

Have a browse and try not to acknowledge the things you catch out of the corner of your eye while reading . . . they don’t like that very much.

Image by Bany_MM from Pixabay (Other image credits through their respective links)

The Deep Fear

A man afraid of the ocean overcomes his fears to become a futuristic rescue diver. This one is not for the thalassophoic – Scifi Psychological Thriller – 650 words

False Dawn

You’ll be safe during the day, but can you trust the light? – Fantasy Monster Horror – 550 words

Ghost Tour

A quaint and spooky encounter on a ghost tour, be careful what you wish for – Ghost Story – 500 words

Demon Strike

Hell on Earth, it’s bad for everyone, even the demons – Creepy But Humorous – 750 words

Daemos Ex Machina

Possessed by evil, a young woman undergoes a cutting edge medical treatment. Can a machine defeat an evil spirit? – Psychological Horror – 800 words


A Monster Story – Horror – 550 words

Heart Throb

Acid fields, torture cults, unrequited love . . . What lengths would you go to, to avoid a horrible fate? – Dark Comedy – 500 words

Man On A Mountain

A survivor is stranded in the alien wilderness, and he’s pretty sure he’s not alone. Survival Horror/ Psychological Thriller – 1200 words

Reaper Of Hearts

When you are brought low, do not trust creatures with angel faces, they may be evil spirits. Ghost Story/ Emotional Thriller – 1300 words

First Contact’s True Horror

An alien encounter with hilarious and embarrassing outcomes – Scifi/ Close Encounter Story – 950 words

Handle With Care

As monsters ravage a hauler that you and your friends stowed away on, your only hope may need saving himself – Monster Story – 1300 words

The Hand Of Death

A terrifying tale of the afterlife – Horror – 500 words

Non Entity

A surrealistic tale of cosmic elementals, not exactly spooky, but it fits the otherworldly – 1100 words

The Colour Of A Soul

Straight up a vengeful ghost story – Horror – 550 words

The Witch Dose

A bit of a funny witch story to give you a break from the spookiness – Fantasy/ Slapstick – 900 words


Know what it’s like to be hunted by the most dangerous predator in the world – Thriller – 1300 words

Just One More

For when you’re constantly tormented by eldritch demons – 500 words

Through The Thorns

When you’re an anxious psychic, it’s difficult to recover from trauma – Psychological Thriller – 950 words

The Wrong Button

A tale about an evil clone – Thriller – 1200 words

The Phantom Snatchers

A short and spooky ghost encounter – Ghost Story – 500 words

Burrow Run

Could you make it on a run between dystopian underground cities while creatures terrorise the skies? – Monster Story/ Post Apocalyptic/ Thriller – 3700 words (A bit longer than my other stuff, but I think it’s worth it if you’re into bleak dystopias)

Void Lance

There’s an alien monster on your ship, and you’re the only thing stopping it from tearing your family limb from limb! – Monster Story – 1450 words

Spectre Blue

It’s out for you! A short and spooky ghost encounter (Don’t look her in the eyes) – Ghost Story – 500 words

Hades Principe

A dead soldier comes back from the grave in a cybermanced husk, he’s out for revenge. – Horror/ Thriller – 1600 words

Mortal Gods

In an encounter with an alien race, we’re the monsters. – Alien Horror – 1300 words

Fog And Mirrors

A fog monster chases you through a glass labyrinth – Horror/Thriller – 1200 words

Reed Wraith

Don’t fight, give in to despair . . . a war ghost story – Horror/ Thriller – 1900 words


These are serialised stories from my Whim-Dark Universe, they’re whimsical, they’re dark, and involve necromancy, demons and a whole manner of SPOOKINESS along with a fun ‘band of misfits’ plot and a bit of will they?/won’t they? romance.

These two serials share the same universe but it isn’t required that you read them in order to understand what’s going on.

Necromancing The Rose

Can a well meaning Necromancer and his rat tag band of misfits really stop the War of the Damned?

The Strength Of The Meek

A group of heroes are out to fell a rampaging dragon, but on their way they encounter a strange woman who is running from a demonic predator.

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