Technical Proficiency Pending


For those of you with a keen sense of awareness, you may notice I have a sign up form on my now snazzy looking website.

I am slowly working my primitive mind around the ins and outs of this process (how to make a newsletter work, forms and landing pages etc etc). I am doing this while juggling the tumultuous time for someone working as a tour guide, for someone working as a tour guide during a pandemic as their city becomes a hotspot, and for someone dealing with the aftereffects of such a crazy year while trying to carry the lessons from that year forward in my waking life (same as everyone).

So if you were to sign up to that form in the next fortnight not too much will happen (literally nothing) until I can harness the beast of burden that is my self exhausted brain and march it into gear.

What to expect down the road from this sign up?

  • Monthly newsletters so you don’t miss out on any of that sweet sweet flash and short fiction action
  • In the next few months it’ll get you access to my free ebook “Solar Rain” a scifi novelette which is almost ready
  • The sense of wellbeing one achieves when they do something nice for a would be writer

Thanks for reading my shambolic assortment of stories so far, thanks for showing an interest, and I hope your 2021 is not as interesting as your 2020!

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