Long Time no Post

Hello friends.

I have been absent from this blog but not absent from writing.

You may have seen some changes to this blog too in terms of cleaning up some stuff.

I have written and edited a brand new project which I have people beta reading right now. I have written half a sequel to The Symbicate, I have a new plan for The Symbicate and I have many other ideas to tinker with.

The idea with Symbicate in general was to get volume out and to get over the fear of posting my stuff publicly. Still working on that. But it was a huge effort to write and post a chapter a week. So I have a new plan.

Short and flash fiction.

I will try to write and post a short or flash story a fortnight (or month) while working on my larger projects. 500 words or less. This takes the pressure off writing towards my larger goals while also allowing me to get volume in and keep getting over the fear of putting my stuff out there. It will also help me to write more concisely and get to the heart of the themes and scenes I want.

My first one will be posted soon… it might not be hard to see where I drew inspiration from.

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