My first step into the interwebs as a writer.


Welcome to my first post on my writing platform!

My name is Sean and I have wanted to be a writer ever since I watched Bilbo Baggins refuse the one ring of power and march out of his hobbit hole for the last time, announcing to the night, “I’ve thought up an ending for my book…”

He turns to Gandalf, “… And he lives happily ever after, until the end of his days.”

That was the moment, right then, when 9 year old Sean thought to himself, “I want to be a writer.”

Fast forward to 2014, a 23 year old Sean, fresh out of uni and marred by some unsavoury events, begins to earnestly write a novel. It was an extension of the first real story he had ever written when he was 13.

This story did not have a name, but it had a mood, a dark mood. As I continued to write the story it’s world, the characters and my own development began to evolve into something greater, stronger and more fulfilling.

Shadowcaster was formed from the chaos.

In 2018 I have started submitting Shadowcaster to literary agents in an attempt to get published and share my creation with the world. That is going how it goes for any first timer… As in it is not going so well.

This platform will help me with my ultimate goal of being a story teller, it will allow me to share my craft with you all as I continue the next phase of my Work In Progress. I will post short stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy for your enjoyment as well as my own development; and blog about my journey towards my next goal of becoming published.

Every body wins 🙂

Thanks for your time and I hope that as I add more to this platform that you will come to enjoy what I have to offer.


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